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Considering An Alternative Repair Approach?

Due to the effects of traffic loading, weather assaults, and common aging, all pavement structures will eventually wear out. When the time has come to address failing asphalt pavement, common …

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Carriage Gate

Once Construction Begins, What Should You Expect?

There should be no surprises here – for you or your property. A well-managed project starts with a clear understanding of all aspects of the project and how it will …

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Property Maintenance

Continuing Education

Dominion Paving fosters a collaborative learning environment that promotes the sharing of resources and knowledge not only to our employees through internal and on-going educational opportunities but to our clients as well. We …

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Focusing On Bid Preparation

PROPER BID PREPARATION HELPS AVOID COSTLY MISCUES FOR MANAGERS & CONTRACTORS. A property manager / owner preparing for acceptance of a bid and a contractor developing a proposal should be preparing for …

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Watch Out For The “Cheapest” Contractor!

When you buy cheap, you get ugly for FREE! With the current economic situation, it would be crazy if you didn’t find yourself researching ways to cut costs, save, etc. …

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Finding the best paving contractor!

Recommendations on finding the best paving contractor for your needs: Do you have certain requirements imposed by your company or a specific criteria that must be met when selecting a …

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Wounded Warrior 11

A New Home for Ronny “Tony” Porta

Monday we were onsite at the future home of Ronny “Tony” Porta. If you are unfamiliar with his story, please visit the website There have been numerous companies and …

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Dominion Paving Likes To Give Back To Our Community

May 29th, 2015 The Ronald McDonald House Charity served and supported over 5.7 million children and their families last year alone! Their goal is to give the families of sick …

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