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Watch Out For The “Cheapest” Contractor!

When you buy cheap, you get ugly for FREE!

With the current economic situation, it would be crazy if you didn’t find yourself researching ways to cut costs, save, etc. Being cost-conscious is absolutely necessary but many times choosing a product or service based on cost alone can be dangerous, very dangerous! You have done the research on the costs for your project to find the best bang for your buck, but have you researched the credentials and experience of the cheapest contractor you are considering? Have you done the research to pin-point exactly why they came in with the lowest bid, by a ridiculous amount? Being cost conscious is a very underappreciated characteristic of property managers and management. On the other hand, making decisions and selecting a contractor based on the bottom dollar can sometimes lead to serious problems down the road and even more money spent in repairs for poor quality and service.

Dominion Paving’s qualified and experienced project managers make every effort to remain competitive when submitting proposals. They take the time to measure and evaluate the property and coordinate times to meet our customers on-site to address any questions or issues. While many times we fall in the competitive bid range, there are other times we turn out to be the highest bid or the lowest. On average we find out we’ve landed somewhere in the middle. Obviously, if submitted are about the same price but there just happens to be one extremely high or low bid, that is a good indication there may be something wrong! This should be an immediate red flag for you to consider. Don’t just assume they are priced cheaper and choose them for the project. One thing a customer must investigate is, “are the bids consistent?”  Are we comparing apples to apples?   Is the scope of work the same? How about the specifications?  Is equipment being considered?  Some might think that apples and apples are always being compared when evaluating a proposal, but we are human. We make mistakes. Calculations could be off or it could be as simple as not including all the repairs that another company decided to include.
There are also many factors that add value to a proposal that can’t been seen on paper. For example, Dominion has back up equipment which can prevent huge delays in your project completion or time table.  We pride ourselves in answering our cell phones, always being available and on demand to our customers, and providing superior customer service and project management.  There is a value added with this type of customer service.  We have very experienced and skilled crews. Most have been with the company 15+ years, many with 20-30 years of service.  This type of experience also adds a huge value and also peace of mind to the customers that they will receive high quality work.
When choosing your next paving or concrete contactor, please be sure to consider the above. Make sure you are making an educated decision, have researched and looked into who will be providing you with such an important service and product, and you have considered the history and experience of the company and employees. As stated above, typically our bids are in-line with the competition but even if our next bid comes in a little higher than “average”, we can assure that you will not be disappointed if you choose Dominion Paving & Sealing.  |  |  800.728.3312


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