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We know each asphalt project is different. This is why we take extra care with your unique requirements and provide tailored pavement solutions to meet all of your needs. With 40+ years of asphalt and paving experience, our paving contractors are ready to handle any project you have.

Our team of professionals offer extensive asphalt paving services throughout Northern Virginia, Eastern West Virginia, and the DC Metro area.

We pride ourselves on transparent communication and unwavering support from the start, ensuring a hassle-free paving experience throughout the project.

Asphalt Paving Types

Overlay & Resurfacing

Prolong the lifespan of your parking lot without straining your budget. Overlay and resurfacing services are a great option to extend your lot’s longevity if you’re on a tight budget. These techniques rejuvenate aging asphalt by addressing existing issues and applying a fresh layer of asphalt on top of the current surface to strengthen its durability.

Expansion & New Paving

From new parking lots and roadways to specialized expansions, we take care of it all. Rely on us to provide you with exceptional asphalt work that exceeds expectations and aligns with your budget and time constraints.

Reclamation & Repaving

If resurfacing isn’t enough to restore your pavement’s deterioration, opt for reclamation and repaving services to make things right. Whether your project requires complete pavement removal, pulverization, or milling, we have the expertise needed to address any and all issues.

Why an Area Might Need Repaving

Not all pavement issues can be solved with surface-level repairs. The existing pavement might have incurred significant damage, requiring the installation of an entirely new surface. How serious the damage is will determine whether you need a basic resurface or a complete pavement and subgrade reconstruction.

Our contractors provide reputable paving services for clients in areas such as Alexandria, Manassas, Ashburn, Martinsburg, Falling Waters, and Silver Spring. Our team will conduct core tests to evaluate the condition of your pavement and determine next steps.

The reasons for considering such measures include:

The Paving Process at a Glance

Here’s what you can anticipate from us when we take on your pavement project:

We assess the current pavement, establish a fresh base layer, and complete all necessary preliminary tasks.

We incorporate catch basins and use various tools to construct an effective drainage system that will extend the lifespan of your newly paved surface.

We lay down the new asphalt.

We roll and compact the new asphalt to achieve a smooth, unified surface.

We apply markings, install road signs, and attend to any other final details to ensure a polished result.

What Causes Asphalt Deterioration?

Many things can lead to asphalt deterioration. The long-term condition of your pavement is directly linked to what lies beneath, particularly the subgrade and its initial preparation during installation. The primary cause of this deterioration involves the appropriate thickness of your pavement surface.

Additional contributing factors and variations include:

How to Ensure Asphalt Longevity

To protect your investment and prolong your asphalt’s life, you MUST prioritize preventative maintenance.

Ensuring the longevity of your asphalt is achieved through effective maintenance practices, which extend its lifespan and minimize the need for repairs and replacements. The Dominion Paving team has formulated maintenance approaches that safeguard pavements, prevent future deterioration, and optimize functionality for years to come.

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Dominion Paving stands at the forefront of the pavement services industry, offering top-notch, maintenance-oriented pavement solutions. We proudly serve Northern Virginia, Maryland, Eastern West Virginia & The DC Metro Area.

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