Soil Stabilization

Soil stabilization methods in Purcellville, Virginia

Paved surfaces’ longevity relies heavily on the resilience of the underlying soil. When the soil’s strength can’t support the pavement above, it can cause hazards or damage to the pavement. That’s why we offer soil stabilization techniques to fortify durability and load-bearing capabilities.

The Process

Soil Assessment & Testing

We evaluate the soil’s qualities and obtain samples for compositional and strength testing. This initial phase helps determine the appropriate soil stabilization methods and materials.

Stabilization Treatment

We offer two stabilization treatments:

1. Compaction: We compact the soil to increase its density, reducing its susceptibility to settlement.

2. Grading and Slope Adjustments: We modify the slope or grade of the subgrade to improve drainage and prevent moisture-related issues.

Quality Control

We compact the soil until the desired density level is attained. We also conduct regular checks to verify functionality.

Key Benefits

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