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White pavement markings services in Purcellville, Virginia

Enhance Road Safety with Expert Line Striping Services

Pavement markings are critical visual guides that ensure the safety of drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians by managing traffic flow, delineating lanes, and highlighting stop points and crosswalks.  Dominion Paving offers state-of-the-art asphalt line striping Services in areas of Northern Virginia including Purcellville, Leesburg, and Reston.  Additionally, our services also expand into areas of Maryland, Eastern West Virginia, and the DC Metro Area.  Our line striping services are designed to help improve road navigation by promoting a safe trip for motorists at all times.  

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The Process

Prepare the Surface

We rid the pavement of any loose debris or oil to ensure it’s clean and dry for proper adhesion of pavement markings.

Apply the Patch

We apply the pavement markings using specialized equipment, like paint striping machines, thermoplastic applicators, or epoxy-based paints. Common markings include lane lines, crosswalks, arrows, and symbols.

Dry & Cure

Once the marking material dries completely, the pavement is ready for use.

Pavement markings services in Purcellville, Virginia

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Dominion Paving stands at the forefront of the pavement services industry, offering top-notch, maintenance-oriented pavement solutions. We proudly serve Northern Virginia, Maryland, Eastern West Virginia & The DC Metro Area.

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