Safety Features

Road safety in Purcellville, Virginia

Safety features—like design components on roads, paths, and other paved areas—are essential to driver and pedestrian safety, help assist in traffic control, communicate regulations and alerts, and reduce the likelihood of accidents.

We offer comprehensive safety enhancement services to keep your property and those who visit it safe.

Our Safety Features

Concrete and pavement surfaces can incorporate various safety features that help keep pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers secure. These features are integral to accident reduction and safe transportation. In addition to standard pavement markings, our team installs the following safety features:

Textured or Slip-Resistant Surfaces

We can finish your property’s paved surface with slip-resistant materials to provide better traction for vehicles and pedestrians to reduce the risk of skids and slips.

Speed Bumps and Humps

These raised sections of pavement can help keep parking lots, residential areas, or schools safe by slowing down traffic.

Curb Ramps

Curb ramps help provide smooth transitions between sidewalks and roads for pedestrians and cyclists. They also ensure accessibility for disabled individuals.


Bollards are short, sturdy posts placed in pedestrian areas to protect people from vehicular traffic and deter unauthorized vehicle access.

Road Signs

Clear and well-placed road signs inform drivers about intersections, speed limits, hazards, and directions, helping improve overall road safety.

The Process

Safety Assessment

We pinpoint high-risk areas, possible hazards, and traffic patterns. We then configure a safety plan recommending safety features to address these issues.

Install & Implement

We may install pavement markings, traffic signs, crosswalks, speed humps, and more to enhance your pavement’s safety..

Maintain & Evaluate

We’ll make sure your updated pavement is functional and safe to use by maintaining and evaluating safety features. We can add, alter, or remove features if needed.

Road safety in Purcellville, Virginia

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