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What Should A Proposal Include, Anyway?

You have met with your contractor, walked over the property and discussed the pertinent details and requests regarding your project. Now what happens, what’s next? Your contractor should now begin …

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Carriage Gate

Once Construction Begins, What Should You Expect?

There should be no surprises here – for you or your property. A well-managed project starts with a clear understanding of all aspects of the project and how it will …

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Focusing On Bid Preparation

PROPER BID PREPARATION HELPS AVOID COSTLY MISCUES FOR MANAGERS & CONTRACTORS. A property manager / owner preparing for acceptance of a bid and a contractor developing a proposal should be preparing for …

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Watch Out For The “Cheapest” Contractor!

When you buy cheap, you get ugly for FREE! With the current economic situation, it would be crazy if you didn’t find yourself researching ways to cut costs, save, etc. …

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Winter Concrete Maintenance

Caring For Your Concrete During Winter Concrete is a very durable product, but still requires proper care to ensure longevity. Deicers are harmful to concrete surfaces, especially during the first …

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