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A New Home for Ronny “Tony” Porta

Monday we were onsite at the future home of Ronny “Tony” Porta. If you are unfamiliar with his story, please visit the website There have been numerous companies and volunteers donating both their time and efforts to make this home a reality for Ronny and his family. Dominion was asked a few months ago to become involved, and with the help of Superior Paving, we were able to pave the “gateway” to this soldier’s home.

It was a long day for many. Our crew was onsite at 6am and didn’t finish up until well after 6pm. Below are just a few pictures to document how our day progressed. Thank you to our dedicated crew which consisted of: Jose Orlando, Francisco Vences, Adrian Arredondo, Freddy Enciso, Jose Luis Vences, Manny Moreno, Panfilo Mejia and Ruben Corderom.

Dominion is very thankful for the opportunity to be part of such an amazing project. We are also extremely proud of our company and our employees. They go beyond the “call of duty” to finish a project despite the conditions – long days and extremely hot temperatures.  We will have more pictures to come once the ceremony is held on Friday, July 3rd.

Ronny was very pleased with his new driveway! As you can see, a paved driveway can really make a dramatic difference in the curb appeal of a home. This home is about 98% finished and will have absolutely everything Ronny and his family need.

We would like to mention just a handful of the many contributors involved: Mohwak, Carpet One, Bassett Furniture, Home Depot, Superior Paving, Fuog Interbuild and WL Development. There are many more that were involved and worked behind the scenes to make this home come together. Until you see the detail and attention that this home received, you cannot understand the amount of time or effort that was given.

USA Today will be interviewing Ronny on Wednesday, July 1st. On Friday, July 3rd, the official “key ceremony” is scheduled to take place. CNN and FOX are planning to cover the event!  At that time, Ronny and his family will be able to move in to their new home, although he is not planning on that until midway through July. If you would like to become involved with tunnels2towers, please visit their website.


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